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FAQ / about

Q: What is Bacio di Tosca TV?

A: Bacio di Tosca TV is an independent online magazine that features a monthly video report and a FREE* MP3 Download that fits to the topic of the video! The topics of each episode are different but we focus on “art” topics like old poets, interessting architecture etc.

Q: Why is the site called Bacio di Tosca?

A: The site is run by the creators of the music group “Bacio di Tosca” – that why it’s called Bacio di Tosca.TV

Q: Why is Bacio di Tosca not selling records like other bands?

A: The music business is changing dramatically at the moment – physical records become more and more obsolte. We’ve looked for new fields of activity and found that a show like ours is missing in the web. For us it’s a great chance to enhance our music with a video magazine.

Q: How can I support Bacio di Tosca when not buying the records?

A: There are several ways: If you like the music we would appreciate a small donation to keep this project running and cover at least some of the costs … please use the donate link on our site – Thanks in advance!!! Apart from this you still can buy one of our three albums on Amazon, Itunes etc.

Q: How can I download the music?

A: Depending on your web browser the music player sometimes looks different. Please look for the button with the downward arrow or named “download” – it’s in the upper-right corner of the music player! Press the “download”-button and then select “save” on the dialogue!


 Q: Can I download the songs on this site and give to my friends?

A: Yes of course! The audio files offered on this site are FREE for personal use! But it’s NOT allowed to trade (sell) these files or make them commercially available (put on samplers etc.).

Q: I found other songs from Bacio di Tosca on a different website then yours – is it OK to download these songs too?

A: No! We would appreciate not downloading them. If you like to hear more songs please buy them legal at amazon or itunes, etc.

Q: I can’t see a player in the audio post – what’ wrong?

A: There is an know problem with Opera browser on Apple devices that not shows the embedded link – please use the Safari brower instead!

Q: How would you describe the sound of Bacio di Tosca?

A: Bacio di Tosca combines influences from classical music, mainly the German Kunstlied (popular during the romantic period), with modern elements. Bacio di Tosca connect these ostensible contrasts to a common thick composition and develop a own, unmistakable style. The classically trained voice of Dörthe Flemming is amazing and she pours out all the Weltschmerz that she can from her centuries old influences.

Q: What does Bacio di Tosca mean and does it come from?

A: The name Bacio di Tosca (Italian: Kiss of Tosca) refers to a murder scene in Giacomo Puccini’s opera Tosca.

Q: Will there be no more records from Bacio di Tosca?

A: Well … let’s say it this way: the hope is last to die!!! But you still can buy one of our three albums on Amazon, Itunes etc.

Q: Bacio di Tosca is German right?

A: The name is Italian – but the band is from Germany!

Q: Why is this page mixed English/German?

A: According to the Facebook stats 60% of our fans are from foreign countries! This is why we decided to make the magazin Bi-lingual and use subtitels so more people can enjoy the videos. The Lyrics of the music will stay in German, even if there is one English title already!

Q: I can’t find subtitles in the video?

A: Please activate the subtitels by pressing the “CC” (Closed Captions) button in the lower right corner of the youtube player. There you also can configure size, colors etc of the subtitle! From the workflow we have to upload the video before we can add subtitles so please allow some time for us to finish the subtitels!


We hope you like our site and the magazine – enjoy it!!!

Dörthe & Joerg